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Extrusion Magnet


High quality Extrusion Magnet

Whatever your design how is complex that will be matched basing on our over 20 years experience.
Thickness range of Extrusion Magnet: 1.5 mm ~ 15 mm by width 5mm ~ 50 mm.
Refer to optimize your production whatever to cut to piece or rolling are available.

It is not only standard products but also customize are accepted.

Standard Product~Poster Magnet
Width Thickness Length Lamination Type Packing Application
1.27cm 1.5mm 30.5M
Self adhesive Tape A & B 8 roll / carton
1 roll / printing hanging card

It is perfect for schools to do crafters or shop to post AD

Refer type of A.B.C that will & become "Poster Magnets" to use them to change biggest poster will be very easy

2.54cm 1.5mm 30.5M
  C 4 roll / carton
1 roll / printing hanging card

Strip Magnets

Our Strip Magnet is available plain or with various material of lamination
such as PVC (vinyl), Adhesive Tape, Art-Paper...etc.
the range of thickness 0.3 mm~1.0 mm and width 10 mm~300mm.