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Wise Magnets, a team with energy and innovation, is a service-and-design-oriented company well known in Magnetic industries with high quality and production.

Wise's lines:
(1) Raw materials including roll- materials ( 62cm & 100 in standard width), sheet- materials, extrusion and steel paper.
(2) Finished products -- Magnetic sticker, Car-sign, Educational aid, White-Boards, Book-Clips...etc.
(3) Developed on our own--
(4) Patent products -- Magnetic tapes and magnetic patches
(5) Dream-come-true products--- our outstanding R&D team makes your imagination fly.

Flexible-materials→ finished-products production lines not only provide competitive prices, and soonest delivery but also quality (products EN71, REACH, ASTM, RoHS, Phthalate...).
Variety of self-developed items which include Educational-Training, accessories, Magnetic Pocket Book, Magnetic Game, Multi-function Book Clip and Magnetic Photo Frame...etc.
Your choice on Wise is your wise choice.

• Capacity: 6,000tons/ per year
• Certification: ISO2000, EN71, REACH, ASTM, RoHS, Phthalate